Visited Monopoli, Capitolo and Borgo San Marco in southern Italy. Eating orecchiette, hiding from the mid day sun and having a swim in the warm Adriatic.  Lots of help from Kostas Karagiannis.  


Lands End shooting at high altitudes on the cold, snowy mountain with Will Davidson. Windy at the summit on day one. Snowcat rides and snowmobiles and catering in the ski patrol cabin. Ozzy Salvatierra and Kevin Ryan braving the altitude. Johnny Tasker and Niko Margaros make it look easy while bundled up. Todd Farrington chilling out in a snow bank overlooking the Highland Bowl.

Nice and Marseille

Shooting for H&M in France. Made Hotel Negresco our home. Spent a day in a Le Courbusiers Unité d’habitation. Worked in the shade of and amazing Calder mobile by the pool at La Colombe d’Or. Lots of help from assistant Alexandre Chou.


Miami, early morning shoot on the beach and a big rental house with a skate ramp.  Jarred Christiansen shreds.  No photos of our giant dinner or the Russian baths. Next time…  


This short and sweet trip out to Thailand wins the award for craziest of the year. Three days there working and taking in the sights. Loading all of our gear into little boats. Walking around the streets with jet lag and working on a sunny deserted beach on a private island. My amigo, Chiho Omae makes an appearance.


Last job for 2016 in December sent us to Maui. Cracked off some Portra the little time it wasn’t raining. A shot of JAWS in Pe’ahi at its absolute flattest. Gaspar, Alex and Dan waiting for a break in the rain.

Greece & L.A.

We made it to Santorini, Greece for a shoot and then spent the majority of November in Los Angeles. A quick shot at Red Beach with Alex, and a ride to set in the zodiac with Gaspar. In LA we worked in the Sheats Goldstein Residence. Also, by the LA River and down on Venice Beach. Lots of traffic.

Dan Martensen

Since late 2014 I have been Dan Martensen’s digital tech. Its been great getting to travel a lot for work. We are just about to head off for Greece and it got me thinking about our past shoots. This year we have worked in Islamorada, Mexico City, LA, Antigua, Wyoming. Here are some BTS of our shoot from Wyoming in July. Alex Austin and Dan.